MCC - Master Certified Coach, International Coach FederationCoaching is a totally confidential, focused partnership optimizing performance and accelerating growth with you and your ultimate happiness as the target. The 'how' and 'what exactly' are as diverse as the people and their goals and challenges. Essentially, coaching provides a dedicated, trained listener, a catalyst, a safe outlet for expression and exploration of ideas, fears, concerns, goals, etc. A coach encourages, challenges the status quo and perspective, stretches you, acts as a strategic partner, asks the tough questions, tells the truth and provides guidance and support. A coach adjusts to meet the needs of the client.

Coaching helps you:
  • Set appropriate goals and reach them more readily
  • Formulate sounder decisions
  • Make transitions with grace, ease and efficiency
  • Build skills and grow competencies
  • Problem solve for best outcome
  • Gain clarity and self-awareness
  • Grow and enhance relationships
  • Deal with overwhelm, reduce stress and gain more balance
  • Take charge of your own life! Lead it in the direction you want!
  • And much more………it's all about your life and/or your business!
Some who benefit are:
  • Anyone dealing with overwhelm or burnout
  • People considering what’s next for them – ‘Chapter Two’ of their lives
  • Women struggling with mid-life career or personal transitions
  • Those needing to build and/or enhance important relationships
  • Persons going through significant transition
  • Goal seekers and big dreamers
  • Individuals creating and building a career and life filled with purpose and joy
  • All wanting to add fun, laughter and happiness back into everyday activity
Coaching Transitions…What’s Next...

Transitions are a constant and continual part of life. In fact most of the coaching bullets above involve transition or change of some kind. Whether your transition is career change, position advancement/development, or personal/life changes, it’s all a moving target.

We occasionally need to stop and take inventory of who we are, what we’ve done, and what we have in our lives. This may be a time of significant adjustment - the point at which we re-calibrate our position on our life map and explore new pathways to lead us forward. Or it may take just a tweak here or there to make things move in a more positive direction.

You might ask yourself:
  • Am I the person I want to be?
  • Am I where I thought I’d be?
  • Is this the right career path for me?
  • Am I happy with my life?
  • What do I feel pulled toward?
  • What would make me feel fulfilled?
  • What would I like my legacy to be?

Any time is a time for renewal.

The way we navigate these transitions determines how our life will evolve. It helps to have guidance and support.

We offer individual and/or group coaching addressing life’s critical junctures. You don’t have to go it alone. Check in with me – we’ll make this an adventure. If I’m not the right guide for your journey, we’ll find one who is. Why wander in the woods – give me a call and we’ll look at possible trails.

Bring your goals, challenges, visions, concerns and let’s spend a complimentary call exploring possibilities. No obligation, no pitch – just a focus on you! Contact me at:

727-784-3181 or bobbi@thegemmagroup.com