More business background...

I am a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. Iíve coached a full spectrum of dynamic, amazing people over the past 13 years. Past business experience includes sales, project management, marketing consulting and outplacement counseling in both profit and non-profit organizations. Iíve owned three businesses in publication, consulting, training/development and coaching. The past 22 years I have been focused on personal and professional development training, assessments and coaching. Itís always been about growth and development of individuals and/or organizations.

  • Pyramid Resource Group, a nationally recognized coaching company
  • Founding member of International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Founded and led Coastal Carolinas Chapter of ICF
  • Served as Regional Leader for the Southeast for ICF
  • Chaired the 2003 Southeastern Regional Coaching Conference
  • American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • Featured guest on radio and television talk shows and a speaker at national conferences
On the personal side...

I am the proud mother of 3 beautiful, smart young women (not that I would brag!). I have been married and divorced and raised those wonderful beings as a single parent. Iíve lived in several states and regions of the country, and moved more often than I can remember Ė all of which equals a number of transitions, and I expect many more to come. Now I live where itís warm and I have a view of water out my window, with the occasional dolphin sighting. I am continually learning and growing and expanding my horizons and enjoying life with all its ups and downs and twists and turns!

Hereís the offer...

Now you know more about me --- letís talk about YOU!

It would be my pleasure to spend time talking with you and exploring what you need and want in your life and how coaching can help you achieve more than you even imagine! Contact me for the complimentary conversation Ė no need to put it off Ė after all, thereís no obligation Ė no pitch!

Call me at 727-784-3181 or email to: bobbi@thegemmagroup.com ... NOW Ė life isnít waiting!