Welcome to The Gemma Group...
Executive Coach and Life Architect

...All of us are the architects of our own lives. We create the structure by the choices we make on a moment to moment basis. The foundation begins with us – who we are at the core.

I help people build great futures. Together we design, plan, create and construct the structures of life that allow you to feel solid in your foundation and soar to your desired heights!

What does all that really mean?

It means that in partnership we cut to the chase, dig in and do the work to create what you want in your life so that you are living the life and having the career you designed and you want – whatever that means to you! And along this serious path, we laugh and have fun – because that’s one of life’s greatest structures.

caricatureThe Gemma Group was founded in 1989 to provide guidance and support in personal and professional development. It began as a training and consulting firm. It has evolved over the years to embrace new technologies as they arise. While training and consulting are still integral to its services, the primary focus is coaching. Affiliation with Pyramid Resource Group, the first dedicated coaching company in the country, allows for expanded offerings and depth of experience, knowledge and support for clients.

Take a few minutes to explore. Contact me with any questions, concerns and interests you may have. I am delighted to be of support and service to you!